Case Studies

As you’ll see in these case studies, the horses are in different phases of progress. Some have experienced difficult events or lives, while others are aging. Horses respond well to Conformation Balancing, regardless of age, breed, discipline and training methods, even horses with active hostility have successful sessions and defensive anger ends.

Horse owners see and feel the progress in their horses with Conformation Balancing. Tack, shoeing, vet care, board, hauling, training and lessons are all investments horse owners make daily. Yet, if the horse is stuck in painful blocked fascia, this block creates great frustration for both the owner and the horse. The horse wants a good performance, too. The horse’s body is your main investment. Many hoof wear patterns, tack fit issues, mental anxieties and performance blocks result from stuck and compressed fascia in the horse. These fitness blocks are easily solved.

Copper Horse Crusade

Here is Herbie the Halflinger, who Marget worked on during the April 2017 Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio. The good folks at Copper Horse Crusade found Herbie a new home with a family.

Uneven Top line

Developing the Crest

Tight Shoulders

Tail Transformation