Head and Poll Release

Balancing of the head.

Head and poll releases are a major aspect of focus in all sessions. The horse is offered in-mouth releases; the horse chooses how many and how long they last.

Electron microscopy shows that the skull bones of the horse are not fused. Along the line between the skull bones, we can see nerves and blood vessels passing through joint material, even wear lines, indicating that the bones move in a regular pattern with one another.

Head and poll therapy focuses on the gentle release of the myofascial tissue in the skull. Since horses often bang their heads, or even land on their head in birth, head and poll imbalance is common for horses; this brings a host of behavioral and functional problems for the horse and rider. Safety issues alone make head and poll release a very high priority.

Further benefits of in-mouth releases are the lengthening of the fascia, which encases the spine. This stretching and lengthening of the fascia allows the horse’s topline to re-balance, as well as the poll and entire head.

Head and poll releases address jaw misalignment, temporal/mandibular/hyoid misalignment (or TMJ), injuries from head impact, yanking down in training, hyper-flexion or Rollkur.

Benefits for the horse:

  • Relief from defensiveness near ears or poll
  • Asymmetrical head features are re-aligned
  • Mental focus improves
  • Guarding and anxiety patterns are relieved
  • Playing with the bit ends