Is Your Horse 100%?

New Book by Margret Henkels

Learning Hands-On Ways to Heal

Resolve Painful Limitations in the Equine Body with Conformation Balancing and Fascia Fitness

Professional equine bodywork practitioner MARGRET HENKELS introduces readers to the “internet” of the horse’s fascia or myofascia, the connective tissue that organizes horse and human bodies, detailing how horses can literally be transformed with simple hand contact. Henkels then outlines her basic technique, called “Conformation Balancing,” a tool for advancing your horse’s body health, as well as dissolving mental trauma and restoring his emotional balance. Easy steps can help soften the poll, connect with the mouth, restore elasticity to the pelvis, open the shoulders, achieve optimal freedom of movement, form a stronger partnership, clarify communication, and extend years of health and performance. Conformation Balancing is a new frontier in equine bodywork; its results are vast, progressive and lasting.

MARGRET HENKELS rode as a child and now studies dressage and enjoys trail riding in open country. A desire to completely heal long-term personal injuries introduced her to Heller Work and structural integration. Henkels is certified in Matrix Energetics, Quantum Energy work developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett, and in Equine Natural Movement, developed by Joseph Freeman out of Heller Work for humans. Her own unique approach incorporates structural integration, myofascial release, head and poll release, and the horse’s soma emotional recall.

“Is Your Horse 100%” by Margret Henkels is publishing April 2017. Visit Horse and Rider Books to reserve your copy.