Conformation Balancing

Margret Henkels is the author of the book, Is Your Horse 100%?, published by Horse and Rider Books in April 2017. This comprehensive guide presents methods to resolve painful limitations in the equine body with Conformation Balancing and Fascia Fitness.

An avid rider, Margret brings a rider’s perspective to horse bodywork and success in resolving her own injuries with fascia balancing change. She rode the Connemara Trail with Willie Leahy and she rides dressage and trail both at home. She has fox hunted, participated in many clinics and continually researches conformation with her own horses.

Her education is a Journalism Bachelor of Arts with a science minor. Margret was a reporter and sales associate the newsprint industry, and has also been involved in fine arts as a gallery owner and painter.

Margret is always inspired by the progressive nature of fascia, especially the emotional component. She certified with Matrix Energetics, a Quantum Energy work developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett, as well as Equine Natural Movement, which is Heller Work for horses, with Joseph Freeman, in Battle Ground, WA. Conformation Balancing developed through series work involving horses with elusive athletic limits.

Each bodywork practitioner develops a unique approach to their work. Margret’s practice incorporates Fascia Fitness (Heller Work), Fascia Balancing (a technique adapted for horses with their high sensitivity), Head and Poll Releases, and inclusion of the horse’s Mental Balance in Horses to further freedom for the horse.

Margret is available for out-of-state and work abroad. Single, individual sessions or session series packages for intensive rehab focus are offered. Margret can provide owner clinics for groups or private instruction as well as remote sessions for horses, dogs and humans. More information can be found under Programs on her website, Equine NM.

To book your session, or for more information, please contact Margret today.