Therapy Sessions for Horses

Margret brings to each session four forms of body work release modalities. Any and all are incorporated to structurally integrate your horse’s body bringing complete power, efficiency, agility, speed, balance, and mental and emotional gains resulting in a happier, focused horse.

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Fascia Fitness
Myofascial Release
Cranial Sacral Release
Mental Balance in Horses

I am very pleased with the session results Margret provided. We have our “brakes” back, thanks to the shoulder work. I had no idea what a difference it would make, but now those hills feel safe again for us while trail riding. It’s amazing to find out so much more about my horse by watching a session. I appreciate the depth of this bodywork. —AM

Changes in both my horses are significant. My 12 year Hanoverian is moving with freedom and flexibility she had as a 5 year old. Canter, to my Quarter horse, used to mean totally resist, or canter a few strides then break or try to get out of it by any means possible. Now, his canter is nice, soft and relaxed; he’ll canter wonderfully until asked to stop. —RS

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