Transform your horse and riding with Conformation Balancing.

Private Sessions for Horses: Intensive (2.5 hour) sessions are offered. Multi-session packages available for recovering horses. Body map for horse is included.

Single Day Workshops: Group workshops, one day, offered as introduction to Conformation Balancing.

Weekend Workshops: Workshops for owners or trainers who desire to advance their understanding of conformation and it’s function. Book required. Levels 1 and 2.

Advance Horses and Riders: Want to advance a group of horses? Have a group of riders who want to learn? We design packages specifically for advancing riding clubs and barn groups. Book required.

Host a Seminar: Contact Margret via phone (505) 501-2290 or email.

Training Modules. Learn this work yourself.

Certification: Take a Certification Program, with Levels 1, 2, and 3.

  • All workshops are flexible in size and experience to accommodate different levels.
  • All learn to progress their horses with basic riding exercises often overlooked in training.
  • Participants receive group and individual instruction. Type of discipline is not limited.

Note: Changes in schedule are accommodated, however, we do not issue refunds.