Reasons for Conformation Balancing

No. 1:
Your horse is fearful, nervous and inconsistent in behavior. You can help your horse release his trauma so he can live in security and peace.

No. 2:
The horse does not stand square, “in the box” because they are unbalanced.

No. 3:
Canter leads are difficult, if not impossible, due to athletic limits in the horse’s body. It’s the “can’t, not won’t” situation.

No. 4:
Collection makes the horse anxious and tense. This limitation is easily resolved with full balancing of the horse.

No. 5:
Your horse shows an uneven top line; there are dips, lumps and hollows. If they are well-bred and well-trained, why would they look this way? They’re unbalanced.

No. 6:
You compete professionally with your horse; maintenance of the winning edge is important.

No. 7:
Like a human pro athlete, keeping your horse totally fit is a practical priority for both your careers. An experienced, wise horse is a major asset for any rider. Their athletic abilities can be extended for a much longer time with Conformation Balancing.

No. 8:
You just got a new horse from a shelter or other source of unknown history. Balancing sessions move the horse through their old traumas promptly. Why struggle? Many horses improve dramatically within less than a years time with balancing help.

No. 9:
You want to participate in your horse’s wellness; conformation balancing lets you advance your horse at your own time and pace.

No. 10:
Resilience is prized in horses. Balanced horses are resilient, highly competent and have mental poise. They meet life’s challenges easily. Isn’t this the kind of horse you’d like to ride?