Clients Share Their Success Stories

Zoe was stiff, especially in her back and hind end. She had a hard time picking up the correct lead behind and couldn’t stay in the canter. After her first treatment, she had more energy and was eager to canter for quite a long time. Thank you for unlocking her potential for a bright future and giving us a chance to become even better partners. I would highly recommend Margret to anyone who loves their horse and wants to improve their results in the arena and the show ring. —Marie S.

I have been working with Dandi for nearly a year, and I have never seen him offer to stretch and lower his head and neck voluntarily. He was also quite held through the poll and jaw. Today, he offered all these things plus chewing! He released through his entire body in a way he has never done before and I believe it is specifically to do with Margret’s time together on Saturday. In addition, he seemed more balanced to both sides, whereas he was more comfortable to the right 99% of the time in the past. I am impressed with one session. Thank you! —Lynn C.

Our 19-year-old mare, Buttercup, is aloof, but she was very receptive to Margret, putting her head against Margret, which I knew was the mare’s way of saying, “this is someone that can help me. Margret did a follow-up treatment and Buttercup was free moving in her shoulder and has been sound throughout the show season. —Sheila K.

Magic is doing very well as we had polo last weekend and I played her both days. She finds her “home” much more readily than previous times. “Home” meaning how to relax on the field or any where. These situations of acceleration and the wait happen often in polo. She has had a hard time with unwinding and finding “home” in the past. This is the biggest change and it has helped immensely. —Carolyn S.

The changes in both my horses are significant. My 12-year-old Hanoverian is moving with the freedom and flexibility she had as a 5-year-old. Canter, to my Quarter horse, meant totally resist, or canter a few strides then break or try to get out of it by any means possible. Now, his canter is nice, soft and relaxed; he’ll canter wonderfully until asked to stop. —Rickie S.

The healing began with the first session. There was a marked difference in his gaits and attitude. I could notice a balancing—the weaknesses he had were disappearing. She is not afraid to work inside the horse’s mouth. Four sessions later, I have a “new horse.” I think even he is surprised at the things he can do again. The jaw is a non-issue. I am so impressed by Margret’s professionalism and rapport with horses. —Diane A.

I bought a six-year-old Tennessee Walker. Never having had a gaited horse before, I knew little of what I was supposed to expect. As it turned out he only did a running walk very slowly and as the speed increased he shifted into a pace. When I heard about Margret I thought it couldn’t hurt, so I signed him up for a session. He loved it! A few days later when I rode him he couldn’t find any gait. After about two weeks he could easily do the running walk and even a little faster before shifting to the pace. After three sessions and adequate time to integrate he loves to do the running walk at whatever speed. Thank you, Margret. —Sarah B.

This is all new to me, but I wanted my mare to bend better, so I gave this a try. My 14-year-old mare loved it. Her saddle fit better afterward, too. She’s smoother and does bend much better. It was a good session. —Bob B.