Welcome Message

Welcome to Conformation Balancing. If you are familiar with this type of work, or if you are just starting out, I hope my site will encourage you to dig deeper. Your horse’s health is important to me. I bring multiple approaches to each session so that your horse receives the most care.

These approaches restore your horse’s body with these results:

  • Complete power: a vital aspect in all sport and competition
  • Efficiency: horses surpass performance plateaus
  • Agility and grace: precision in all movement
  • Speed
  • Emotional balance: ability to meet challenges
  • Mental focus: ability to be present for direction
  • Freedom from emotional trauma
  • Improvement in self carriage
  • The horse participates in their progress
  • Improved attitude: horses feel more vibrant, engaged, responsive, and happier!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, or to book a consultation.

“Conformation Balancing: Progressive Fitness for Your Horse”

My article in Today’s Horse Trader, January, 2010, provides a good primer for Conformation Balancing.

Horses are superb athletes. That said, like us, horses have a life. They slip in pasture playing, knock their heads in trailers, get kicked by other horses, to name just a few of the ways they can get injured without us ever knowing about it. There are work injuries, stress, aging, accidents and normal living that add to the list of factors keeping your horse from moving as smoothly, gracefully and powerfully as he can.

Did you ever have an injury that seemed to heal okay, but your body never went back to 100%? You always felt little pulls and stiffness in other areas—almost like a set of long johns that didn’t fit right? That poor fit is the tightening of the connective tissues, also called fascia, which hold our horses and us together.

Now, imagine bodywork that smoothed out these areas of stiffness and binding, so that flexibility and freedom of movement returned. Hips are even. The neck regained full range of turning. Muscles along the spine become equal on both sides. For your horse, grace, flexibility, lengthened strides, easy natural carriage, power and mental freedom to enjoy their work and life are just a few results of this bodywork.

Maybe you’re thinking, “My horse doesn’t have an injury or movement problem.” All horses, even healthy ones, develop inefficient movement habits and accumulate a history of kicks, falls and bruises. Over time, these travel through the horse’s body, compromising his comfort and movement.

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